What’s important to me

Usually I fall in love with the story, first. But what became even more important to me is a good working relationship. With the director of course, but also with the producer, set designer, gaffer, VFX-supervisor, colorist – it’s teamwork first of all. I value the preproduction phase very much, because it’s where you develop a common language for the film and each other. It’s creatively the most influential time and where you eliminate upcoming problems. Shooting, to me, is a beloved very enriching adventure every time. Calling myself a director of photography comes with a responsibility to supervise the picture from script page to screen.


Jana Pape is a Director of Photography based, but not tied to Berlin. To translate a story into pictures and develop a visual language for a movie, is as much fun for her as finding solutions for logistic and technical challenges.

She moved to a technical secondary school with a focus on design to have more artistic education, and the possibility of doing a year long intenrship working as a camerawoman and editor at the local TV station Oldenburg 1. She was also a member of the local short film festival zwerkWERK and she freelanced as boom operator for public TV.

After school she attended Studio Hamburg Postproduction, where for 3 yrs. she was trained as AV-Media designer, witnessing the last years of the telecine workflow and the arrival of digital cinemar cameras. Her journal’s piece was nominated for the junior cinematographer award from the IFFF, which was judged alongside final pieces of established film schools.

Light is her most powerfully tool, which can’t be replaced by any update. She left post-production to be on set and to work as a lighting assistance for 2,5 years, as well as to shoot her own short films and music videos as a Director of Photography. Subsequently she studied Cinematography at the film university in Babelsberg. Her BA thesis film is a unique mix of old film-tricks and modern compositing. The paper was honoured the best BA-thesis of the year. Meanwhile she participated in a lot of international workshops, as well as studying a semester at FAMU-International and taking a 9month post-graduated color grading course – up.grade.

Her precision in pre-production and post-production knowledge allow her to tackle any technical challenges. Sometimes she simply enjoys joining a film-production for color grading and expanding her collaboratation with fellow DP’s.