Still Awake

Still Awake

Experimental Short: 7min

Script & Director: Anna Levinson
Director of Photography: Jana Pape
Editing & Grading: Mee Ling Hai
Set Design: Elini Boutsika
Produktion: Christopher Cornelsen

For the Production of this short, we received a grad for young filmmakers, but with the obligation to shoot in Austria. So, the director and myself went to Vienna to find location and crew for this movie. We felt very welcome and found a nice art center, where we could build a set in almost studio environment. To explore a new country and city, wile filmmaking is always nice. Since the film is rather old, you can watch it in full length online.

in competition:
Medienkunst Festival Mecklenburg Vorpommern 2011
YOUKI 14 screenplay award

Making-Off: The Composition

Making-Off: The Set

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