giant – compilation of kids movies : storys about Freedom and friendship

kids movie – Hybrid Animation & Live-Action: 15min

Buch & Director: Johanna Benz              

Art Direction: Sula Pferdt

Animation & Postproduktion: Studio NICE

Cinematographer: Jana Pape

Production company: Bildersturm Filmproduktion GmbH StudioNICE

The film is part of a full-length series titled “LIMITLESS – STORY OF FREEDOM & FRIENDSHIP”, featuring nonverbal films for children in crisis situations. This series is funded by the Goethe-Institut and the WDR.

I joined this project when the concept and artwork were already in the making. My main task was to support the director Johanna Benz in the finalization of the storyboard and and to convey the challenges that arise when shooting for compositing. On the other hand, I worked closely with StudioNICE in pre-production in order to bring Johannas imaginings as smoothly as possible to the screen, merging the prinzipal shooting as well as the artwork.



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