Short 12min

Script & Director: Alison Kuhn
Director of Photography: Jana Pape
Montage: Christian Zipfel
Producer: Alicion Kuhn & Christian Zipfel Produktion

After four years as a volunteer of the Syrian civil defense Tarek returns to his German family. While his colleague Arif is greeted with open arms, Tarek realizes that his wife and son’s life has evolved and his presence has become obsolete. Often filmmakers come up to promise an fantastic festival success, but rarely it’s planed out like in this case. It was a clear from the start that the goal was to be premiered at the Max Ophüls Prize in Saarbrücken. Recklessly that we started shooting only two weeks before the deadline. This little film was an extremely efficient and beautiful collaboration from the first meeting throughout post production. Eventually we premiered three month later at Max Ophüls Prize.

Weitere Projekte