Short: 15min

Director: Jonas Riemer
Director of Photography: Jana Pape
Set design: Jenny Sonnenschein
Producer: Johannes Schubert
Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Mascarpone is a homage of the old hollywood movies and cinemar itself.

It was a fruitful cooperation between the Set Design, Animation and Cinematography department. We went to explore old techniques, such as Rear-Projection, Stopmotion and Cut-Out Animation. But also modern Compositing with 3D-elements. With sets in different scale we freely combined all kinds of techniques to a wonderful world made of cardboard.

For myself, this film was a great opportunity to dive into the world of visual effects, as well as analog film tricks. I love preproduction, the more complicated it is to archive a certain shot, the more valuable is a good preparation. I appreciate the creative freedom you gain, when introducing effects and VFX people tent to appreciate my commitment in preproduction. Mascarpone is my practical BA thesis, the theory thesis about the challenges introducing effects as a DP, you can find here. It’s written in German, I’m afraid.


Making-Of – In The Studio


Making-Of Inside the Miniature City

Making-Of – Cutout Animation and Pixellation

Pre-Production and Tests

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