VR immersive 360° Film 23min

Script & Director : Christian Zipfel

Post Production: Evgeny Kalachikhin

Director of Photography: Jana Pape

Production: Niklas Burkhardt, Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

The experience was filmed with the Nozia OZO at various locations in Germany and premierd at the 75. la biennale cinemar linear VR competition.

Ever since sedentism, mankind has been creating closed and strictly regulated rooms. They facilitate the satisfaction of human drives and therefore provide a basis for our culture. Rooms will let you immerse into five intimate room realities. Having an anthropological view on the presented world, the narration follows the rooms’ archaic processes and watches the rooms’ dramatised physical development. The rooms are defined as a socially important construct rather than just space framed by walls. Which fundamental functions do rooms have for mankind? Is it possible to disobey or question our culture’s rules? What happens to a room, when civilisation has left its space?

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